I am a software engineer based in Portland, Oregon. I'm particularly interested in modern web development, UI, and graphics. In my free time I write music, find interesting coding projects to work on, and do arts and crafts.


My history of professional work and education is available in my online résumé. It's available as a webpage, a PDF, and in plaintext.

Perpetual Breakdown

Perpetual Breakdown is a web app that procedurally generates a metal song in real time. It's a collaborative project by Kyle Paulsen and me. Follow along the live music notation to see how it works.


In my free time I like to play, write, and record music. I've dabbled with a lot of different instruments, but I'm a guitar player at heart. When I write, it's mostly metal, punk, and chiptune.

Arts and Crafts

I love to do arts and crafts including minature painting, scale modeling terrain, 3D printing, rock hounding/tumbling, model building, stamp making, drawing, and knitting. Check out my Instagram for some of my work!

Image to Ring

I wanted to design a ring and get it 3D printed in metal, but my 3D modeling skills were inhibiting me, so I created this project that uses OpenSCAD to map 2D raster images onto 3D ring models.